Question about deduping

Hey, just a quick question about deduplication that I couldn’t find.

So with the Duplicacy being “the only cloud backup tool that allows multiple computers to back up to the same cloud storage, taking advantage of cross-computer deduplication whenever possible”

Does this include initial backups? From what I tested it looks like it doesn’t but just trying to confirm I didn’t do something wrong/misunderstand something.


It should work for initial backups. That is, if you backing up the same set of files from two computers at the same time, you’ll upload only one copy of chunks.

No other backup software can do the same. Restic perhaps comes the closest in this regard – deduplication works if you complete the initial backup on one computer first and then start another one on the second computer, but not if both computers run the initial backups at the same time.

Ah okay cool, thanks for responding!

Hi, sorry again, just to confirm I have the right understanding, does this look right to anyone? (my maths on how much was deduped)

Do you know if there are identical files among these sets?

I think I was overestimating deduplication in general.

They are very similar files but I doubt there’s a lot of them that are the exact same.

My bad.

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