Question about log levels

According to what says the Guide:

  • -verbose option shows “more detailed messages”;
  • -debug option would display “highest level of info”;

The default message types are: INFO, WARNING, and ERROR.

I execute my scripts with -log -verbose options, and I get messages of INFO and TRACE (and sometimes WARNINGS andd ERRORS :wink: )

My doubts:

TRACE is a default type of message?

Why PACK logs open with TRACE and close with INFO?

2018-10-28 01:42:02.449 TRACE PACK_START Packing ioioioioio
2018-10-28 01:42:02.827 INFO PACK_END ioioioioio (10389)

You don’t want 2 log messages per file in the default INFO mode, right? This was what I had in mind when deciding which level each log message should belong to.

I agree, it makes sense.

What about the TRACE? Is it default type?

I’m having some issues with my backup and want to start finding the issue by reviewing more detailed logs.

How do I do this in the web GUI?


You can add -d (for debugging level) or -v (for verbose level) as the global option for a job.

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