Question about log levels



According to what says the Guide:

  • -verbose option shows “more detailed messages”;
  • -debug option would display “highest level of info”;

The default message types are: INFO, WARNING, and ERROR.

I execute my scripts with -log -verbose options, and I get messages of INFO and TRACE (and sometimes WARNINGS andd ERRORS :wink: )

My doubts:

TRACE is a default type of message?

Why PACK logs open with TRACE and close with INFO?

2018-10-28 01:42:02.449 TRACE PACK_START Packing ioioioioio
2018-10-28 01:42:02.827 INFO PACK_END ioioioioio (10389)


You don’t want 2 log messages per file in the default INFO mode, right? This was what I had in mind when deciding which level each log message should belong to.


I agree, it makes sense.

What about the TRACE? Is it default type?