Question about threads vs speeds (B2 Backups)

Hi all, I’ve searched a ton but am still having trouble finding out informaiton.

I am using Duplicacy via the Web GUI on an unRAID (Linux) server.
I have 50Mbps (small b) upload speeds.

The web GUI shows it’s uploading to B2 storage at 8MB (capital B)
That’s about 64Mbps (small b)

Is the Web GUI correct in using capital B? for BYTES and not b for bits?
I was always under the impression that data transfer speeds were measured in Mbps not MBps.

This is a bit confusing for me as I’m trying to locate the best number of threads to leave a bit of upload bandwidth avaialble for other uses on my network but use as much otherwise as I can.

Thanks in advance!

Both the CLI and the web GUI use B to represent the number of bytes. But, the number indicates the number of bytes uploaded before deduplication and compression, so the raw upload rate can be lower. If you want to find our the raw upload rate, I would suggest using a network traffic monitor for your OS.