Question on current and planned granularity of versioning and retention


Hello, I have been looking at Duplicacy as a possible replacement for Crashplan’s p2p functionality. Looking at the guides it appears that your software is only targeting versioning and retention in terms of snapshots at the repository level. Do you have any plans to support versioning and retention at the file level?


This is unlikely to happen, since it would require a complete redesign of how files and snapshots are organized in Duplicacy.


That is a little disappointing to hear, but I can understand that it just may not be achievable in your architecture. As a follow up question, would it be possible to support repository operations to create snapshots from existing snapshots? That is to say something that would perform the equivalent of restoring a files from several snapshots and then taking a snapshot of the restored files, without actually performing downloads of all chunks.


Assuming the storage is a linux server, you can run Duplicacy on the server and create a new repository, restore selected files from several snapshots and then do a backup. All access will be local to the server.

If the storage is a cloud service I don’t think there is any way you can do this without downloading all chunks.