Questions regarding Web Version

Hi all,

Newbie here with a couple of questions regarding the Web Version:

  1. I don’t see anywhere in the GUI, unless I’m going blind, where I can set the retention period. eg: How many days of backup.

  2. How can I edit a Backup Job?

  3. I have set the Send Email option for a schedule. Testing the email settings does send an email, but after the job is completed, either manually or after its scheduled time, no email is sent.

EDIT: duplicacy_web.log does show Sending emial to… and Schedule completion Email has been sent to…

  1. Is there a list of available options that can be added to the Options field in a schedule?

Thanks in Advanced.


  1. Retention is done when you create a prune job on a schedule. The -keep parameters can be changed after the default fields are filled in.

  2. There’s not much to edit? Source directory (aka repository), select storage (previously configured), backup ID. If you need to change any of that after adding, it’s easy just to delete and re-add.

  3. It should work, make sure the tick is highlighted on the Schedule tab after revisiting the page. Note the ‘send report’ tickbox on the Backup tab is an entirely different thing.

  4. Duplicacy Web is merely a wrapper to the CLI version. Look up the options for each of the commands in the guide. e.g. you can do -vss for backup jobs, -chunks for check jobs, add extra -keep or remove the defaults for prune.

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Thank you for your reply. It helps greatly.

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