Random "Aborted" message on initial backup

So to start off, I’m pretty new to Duplicacy. I’m using it on my unraid server to back it up to my google drive business account. I have about 10 different backups running all to my drive account, but when I started my “Video” folder (movies and tv) after 6 days of constantly running, I get a “aborted 6 days ago” message in the GUI.

I’m running two variables to make sure that I don’t go over the daily 750GB limit which are " -threads 16 -limit-rate 8680".

The error I’m getting is “WARN LIST_LINK Failed to read the symlink: stat /backuproot/video/movies: no such file or directory”

That error is given to me on the day when I started my backup but Duplicacy has been uploading data to google drive.

So my 2 part question is:

  1. Can I resume this backup without having to start all over?
  2. How can I prevent this from happening again?

Thanks everyone!

That LIST_LINK message was just a warning; it doesn’t abort the backup.

There should be something in the log file (~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log) that indicated why the backup was aborted.

I’m seeing this a lot?

2020/02/15 19:14:44 Failed to read the stat file for storage 'BACKUPNAME': open /home/duplicacy/.duplicacy-web/stats/storages/BACKUPNAME.stats: no such file or directory

This message just means that you don’t have a job that checks this storage. Once you create such a job and run in once this stats file will be created.

what about this?

"WARN LIST_LINK Failed to read the symlink: stat /backuproot/video/tv: no such file or directory"