Rclone as a backend?

Is it possible to build support for rclone (https://rclone.org) as a backend? Would be great as it leverages the extensive work done there on supporting a lot of backends — also I have some problems with the duplicacy google backend (cannot prune without errors) but rclone works so that is also helpful in that respect.

What errors are you running into with Google? An rclone backend has been suggested before but I don’t know if there is enough interest.

The pruning as described in (Prune failure on Google team drives) is still broken but rclone seems to work fine in creating/deleting files in Google Drives backend.

What do you mean by an Rclone backend? Would this be the same as a mounted remote?

Hmm. Seems as though Restic has already done something similar with Rclone as a backend. This sounds very intriguing!

Though it appears as though such a backend has to be implemented on the side of Rclone as a serve type (REST API in the case of restic). There are sftp and webdav types which I guess would function the same and should work with Duplicacy(?).