"Re-authorization required"?



I’ve started getting this error on both my PC and Mac this afternoon. I’m using B2, but I don’t know if that is related. My B2 account looks good and active. Any ideas?
From the log:

14:00:00.000    Command: duplicacy -background -log backup -stats -threads 16
14:00:00.774    Storage set to b2://Moto-name-here
14:00:06.053    Last backup at revision 1594 found
14:00:06.053    Indexing C:\Users\Carl
14:00:06.053    Loaded 7 include/exclude pattern(s)
14:00:08.078    Re-authorization required
14:00:08.302    Re-authorization required
14:00:08.423    Re-authorization required
14:00:08.522    Re-authorization required
14:00:08.651    Re-authorization required
14:00:08.794    Re-authorization required
14:00:08.935    Re-authorization required
14:00:09.049    Re-authorization required
14:00:09.000    2018-11-28 14:00:09.049 ERROR UPLOAD_File Failed to upload the file snapshots/MOTOCAT-Carl-Carl/1595: Maximum backoff reached


I’m seeing the same thing with my B2 backups, starting as of a couple hours ago (at least 9pm GMT). Nothing has changed with my approach nor with my account access / tokens. Backups now fail with the re-auth and maximum backoff messages.

A sample of the end of the log:


Chunk 6f3763215bb24b6e1c9e694694cba2c41af39f5b4334e81ac4cb51c1ec8db76d (3400/9523) skipped at the destination
Chunk 1db9a1249ad45d424f35dc2552ebdb635467157d6f71b4bb9adeccc55876120a (3401/9523) skipped at the destination
Chunk 8a37fd6d9fec8337068854981190fbe5cb73aaefe32ffd0f3bb095eb5114f684 (3402/9523) skipped at the destination
Chunk 02505869936cf440e120842d19d692ae399b77cb0540757fd343de543cb925cc (3403/9523) skipped at the destination
Chunk e31c464255cfa893ad16f926cdfbab4373a6985caa6d7db3d85d724dfa6586af (3404/9523) skipped at the destination
Re-authorization required
Re-authorization required
Re-authorization required
Re-authorization required
Re-authorization required
Re-authorization required
Re-authorization required


My daily backups to B2 are working seamlessly, no tokens issues…


You have quite a lot of revisions…

But i think your problem could be related to your -threads 16 option.


Try to tweak your threads option.


Are there other lines after this?

Try the same suggestion I gave to C11.


Ok, the backups just started working again on both machines.

Can someone tell me exactly what the “Re-authorization required” error means?
Is this something from B2 or is this a Duplicacy license error or a permissions thing or what?
If it is B2, I’m going to guess it is a temporary thing.

(I don’t think it is related to the number of threads.)


This is caused by some temporary authorization errors:

I think some of B2 upload servers had a hiccup for some reason.


Everything has been working fine again this morning so must have been a glitch with B2.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: