Re install Web-Gui leads to duplicate entries in Program & Features in Win X

Running the installer on an Win X machine having duplicacy in the same version already installed leads to duplicate entries in the Program & Feature list.

This is not the expected behaviour and should be solved in the future. There should be only one programm entry and if the installer comes with a newer version than installed it should just update that existing entry.

On windows Duplicacy can be installed for all users or for current user only.

Are you installing the same way both times?

Yes - I did and regardless of that, a programm installed should never cause duplicate entries - except you explicitly install different versions and these installations a clearly separated from each other

What would you expect to happen in this case though? There are two legitimate instances of the app installed. They both shall be uninstallabe separately and therefore both appear in the add-remove program list.

Perhaps local instances shall append the user name it is installed for to the entry? I guess that would improve clarity.