Recommended/best practice for daily backup local/copy to cloud?

Searched but didn’t see any good answers here, or maybe I’m just missing it.

I’d like to have a daily backup to a local NAS drive - then also a daily copy from the local NAS duplicacy backup to the cloud. I’ve got my cloud storage setup as a “copy of” my local NAS backup, and have my scheduled task in web interface setup like:

  • Backup to Local NAS
  • Prune Local NAS
  • Check Local NAS
  • Copy Local NAS to Cloud

Is this the correct/recommended order of operations for something I’m going to do daily?

Is it recommended to only run check command every so often, not daily? Do I ever need to run check against my Cloud storage? What about prune?

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance.

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Bump. Any advice please?

Pretty much, although I personally don’t run those exactly in that sequence - the basic gist is; backup as many times as you want, prune before copy to cloud. Check and prune can be run semi-regularly, like once a day or week.

I run mine mine once a day, directly from the NAS. You can run it less often like weekly, but if your NAS isn’t taxed for resources, why not keep it daily? Totally up to you. When do you want to learn there was a chunk missing?

Yes, always. And manually test your backups - say once a month or two - either through partial/full restore or through check -files.

An important question. You can opt not to prune your cloud storage at all, but if you decide to do so, you probably want to use the exact same retention settings (-keep) as your local NAS storage, and run them on the same day as each other i.e. local and then immediately cloud.

Why? Because the way that revisions are removed depend on when you run them and you have to remember there is no fixed epoc for when the ‘monthly’ and ‘weekly’ revisions start and end.

So if you don’t adopt the same retention numbers, what happens is you’ll prune revisions that don’t match between the two storages, and then copy ends up re-copying missing revisions and the cloud prune removes them again. This wasteful cycle repeats. Had this issue recently myself and the fix was once to copy storages both ways and then make sure the prune of local and cloud was done exactly the same.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

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Hi Droolio, had a followup question. I’ve been using this prune setting for local backup pruning:

-keep 0:1825 -keep 30:180 -keep 7:30 -keep 1:7 

However it never appears to do anything. If I add the -all command line param, it does. When/if should I use the -all param? The documentation isn’t very clear here.

You should use -all if you want to prune from all the repositories stored in the storage, which is pretty much the recommended way. Otherwise, you need to specify an individual repository with -id. So yes, use -all.

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