Recommended number of threads for SFTP destination as well as Wasabi


quick question: what is the recommended number of threads for backing up to an SFTP destination? From a quick search I understood that only one SSH connection is opened. Is there any benefit to using multiple threads for this?

Also, what about Wasabi? I noticed that when I create a new storage with Wasabi it gets set 4 threads. Is this the recommended number or would more threads improve performance?


heavily depends on your sftp server and network configuration. In most (but not all) cases single thread provides better performance due to HDD seek latency. But if you are limited by a single thread CPU performance on an all-flash or otherwise optimized array — multiple threads would provide better performance. Experiment. (Or switch away from sftp — it’s a pure waste of electricity in the LAN)

Most cloud providers are optimized for multithreaded use. Keep increasing thread count until you no longer see performance improvement. I’ve used 25 threads at some point with B2. So, same recommendation: experiment.

gotcha, thanks! I will experiment with settings a little.