Recover duplicacy configuration from WebUI

Hey There!

New user, just doing some initial testing and working on failure scenarios now.

I’m running duplicacy as a docker container, backing up to the docker host then copying the data to b2. This is working great.

I’ve just now deleted the appdata folder for the container and rebooted it to start with a fresh un-configed container. I can manually add my b2 and local storage dests and it see the originally backup IDs “plex” and “unifi-controller” but there doesn’t seem to be any way to recover the actual configuration of those jobs, ie the paths to the files i want to backup.

am i missing something here or is that info not stored in the backup itself? Obviously backing up all the duplicacy json files would be ideal, but I’m targeting a worst case scenario, plus I’d need a second backup solution to accomplish that.


The original paths aren’t storage anywhere in the backup storage configuration, I guess primarily because it’s not necessary; you can restore the entire directory structure of each repository to a different location of your choosing.

i suppose in this situation, i don’t need to restore any data. i’m just hoping to restore the state of the duplicacy container to continue backing up my data.

Yep, though if you’re exploring worst case scenario, it’s pretty easy to recreate the client-side configuration from scratch and even resume from where you left off (without perhaps the historic stats). Just note down which paths match with which repo IDs.

Sure, but it’s just something I’d prefer not to do so it’s part of what I’m evaluating between different options. The config is very specific, only grabbing a file or two per various applications deep into the folder structure. Creaing a 4-10 line include for a single file per app was annoying enough the first time :stuck_out_tongue: