Refunds being processed?

I asked for a refund of a Personal license 3 days ago by emailing and also, but I haven’t got any reply to my emails, not even an acknowledgment that the refund will be processed.

I appreciate that there might be delays in responding those days, and I certainly hope that nothing bad has happened to the developer, but I would like to know if anyone else is waiting for a refund and for how long.

I don’t see a license under your account. In fact, the last refund request I received was on March 28. Did you order with a different account?

Thanks for your reply.

The email address associated with the account, from which I sent the refund request, is I had to create a new forum account because Discourse pretends that it’s already registered but didn’t give me an option to reset the password.

Just found out that both of your emails went to my spam folder. That was why I couldn’t find it.

I processed your refund on You should have already received an email from them.

Thanks for that, I have indeed received an email from Stripe about the refund.