Relative paths when including a file in the filters file

I’m having an issue using relative paths when including a file in the filters file. It works properly when I specify an absolute path. Maybe someone could help me out, or perhaps it’s a bug.

I created a single file with the filter patterns called f inside the .duplicacy folder. Then I created the filters file, with the single line @f, inside the .duplicacy folder. However, duplicacy is not using the patterns inside f. I get the following:

Parsing filter file \\?\C:\repository\.duplicacy\filters
Parsing filter file \\?\UNC\?\C:\repository\.duplicacy\f
Loaded 0 include/exclude pattern(s)

According to the code, the path (if not an absolute path) should be relative to the current working directory:

Thanks for the reply. So I copied the f file to C:\repository\ and ran everything again from that folder, but I still get the same result. Is this even a valid path? \\?\UNC\?\C:\repository\.duplicacy\f