Reliability of Website hosting storage vs Google/B2/Etc?

I realized I have free storage from my website hosting provider (Bluehost) and am considering using this rather than Google Drive or B2. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this and could advise of any pitfalls. I initially started with Microsoft OneDrive because I had 5TB of free space included with an account. However, that led to corrupt chunks during a restore and I can’t afford to take that risk.

Pitfalls are (possible lack of) redundancy and consistency guarantees.

Microsoft has already fixed OneDrive issue that could have caused partial uploads resulting in corruption.

Sounds reasonable. When did Microsoft fix the OneDrive consistency issue? I just attempted a restore last week (from a backup within the past month) and encountered corrupted chunks.

Somewhere within last year:

If it is this issue that is a culprit in your case then it has already happened during upload and data at your OneDrive is corrupted.

You can start over, or you can delete the corrupted chunks and attempt to heal (by making initial backup to a new temporary snapshot id in the same storage)

Just so I understand correctly, the data corrupted during the upload. If that is the case, then does this mean it wouldn’t matter whether I am using OneDrive or Google Drive, it would have happened either way? I’m wondering if the corruption happened when I was encountering a 502 error during my initial upload. I reported that problem here and it eventually completed on it’s own.

If I start over, how can I be sure the data hasn’t corrupted again during upload?


It would. Google Drive is entirely separate platform, they did not have similar bugs, as far as I know.

Probably. Maybe. As it is evident from the GitHub description the issue was that if any interruption occurs during upload OneDrive was supposed to delete the partial file. They did not.

You can never be sure, short of running full check after backup. But you can reasonably expect that if the corruption does occurs it would be due to some other, not the known and fixed above bug.

Personally I would suggest not using *drive type services as backup targets. (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox, etc; any other other than Google Drive, which happens to be of consistently good quality and has been working great for many people. But this is the only exception so far)

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Perfect. I’ll proceed on that. Thanks for the excellent feedback!

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