Remove Duplicacy without loosing my backup config?

Running Win10. It seems the service won’t be installed automatically, right? I had earlier 1.0.0 installation, then I had installed 1.1.0 and finally 1.2.1. All the time the service was started as 1.0.0 i.e. the installer never removed the earlier versions. Then I removed the earlier version manually (deleted the .exe files), and re-run the installer, but the service was not installed.

Can I remove Duplicacy without loosing my backup config?

Answering myself above:

  1. Duplicacy needs to be installed as Adminstrator and for all the users to be installed as a service on Windows

  2. For reasons unknown to me, the installer does not remove old Duplicacy versions or even update the auto-start option to apply to the new installed version. This sounds a bug to me. I recommend adding “Start Duplicacy automatically on login” checkbox to the installer.

  3. To enable the auto-start, remove the old Duplicacy versions, start the new version, click the small icon in the tray and select “start on login”