Remove folder which has already been backupped?

In a repository I have included a folder, which I now decided to exclude. So, it is already in the backup (probably - backup is ongoing and I do not want to restart from scratch) and wasting space.
Now I will exclude it via filters. How to remove the files in the storage - will I need to use the -prune command without args? I’m unclear about the prune command (never used it, because simply, my first huge backup, 1TB+, which regrettably includedes the unwanted folder, is still ongoing).

If your backup hasn’t actually completed with that folder included, your best bet might be to abort.

Starting from scratch isn’t terribly a bad thing; chunks already uploaded will be skipped, although it will take longer if it’s the first backup. Doing so though, won’t waste too much bandwidth/disk.

Otherwise, let it complete… exclude the folder via filters, run another backup, then prune that first revision - if it was the first backup, or you will need to prune all revisions which feature that folder.

duplicacy prune -id <snapshot id> -r 1

Running this won’t immediately remove the chunks unless you use -exclusive, or until your second prune after another round of backups, but they will eventually get deleted.


Looks like I need to study command line. I am operating prune command from webgui scheduler as a test on a finished backup…

“-id Music -r1” -> “Cannot be deleted in non exclusive mode”
“-id eBooks -r1 -exclusive” -> “Invalid command”
EDIT: It’s probably “-id eBooks -exclusive” :slight_smile:

Also, my initial 1 TB backup had to be interrupted at times. I started it some days ago. But have to shutdown computer in the evenings…
It started yesterday with an ETA of like 2:30 hrs. After 4 hours I looked again and ETA was another 2 hrs. After 3 more hours it told about ETA 5 minutes, but I had to shutdown the computer.
Today the ETA is 3 hrs again. Looks like ETA calculation is more or less worthless.

This means you only have 1 revision (1) and it’s warning you that pruning it will remove all revisions. Don’t do that until you have a second revision.

Where is your backup storage? Local, network, cloud? Try using multiple threads if the latter.