Renaming an existing snapshot id


If I want to rename a snapshot id, is it as simple as changing the folder name in the storage “snapshots” folder, and updating the “id” in the preferences json file?



Eventually also delete from local cache.

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Thanks, just wanted to make sure I don’t mess something up!

Actually no, i think i am wrong! I don’t think it’s that simple if you are encrypted. I think there is an issue on GitHub (or here in the forum) about renaming. Please check those first!

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Noted, I’ll use a small test repository first, thanks.

@TheBestPessimist is right. If the storage is encrypted then you can’t simply rename the snapshot folder.

I guess this problem still exsits. So it is not possible to rename Snapshots when encryption is used.
Which tasks do I have to execute to create a new snapshot id based on the old one without the need to reupload everything?

You don’t have to re-upload everything - the chunk data can be de-duplicated even if you started future backups with a fresh snapshot ID. Those snapshot files are basically just the metadata.

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thanks for this tip
basically I can create a new snapshot id on the same storage witht he same source files and after that one I can delete the old snapshot?

Yep, exactly that - and as a final clean-up, you could run a Prune operation with the -exhaustive flag to get rid of any unreferenced chunks (there might be a handful).

Is there a git ticket for renaming a snapshot within an encrypted storage?