Renewed license did not extend date

I went to submit a support ticket from my license page, but the button is disabled, so here I am am :slight_smile:

This morning I extended a license that had expired. I got billing confirmation and also an order confirmation from dupliacy with the license included. Weird part is the license did not actually get extended. In the email the date on it was 5/14/2020. On the license page in the portal it is still greyed out / expired.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

That is because our license server extended the expiration date by adding a year that you renewed the license for but your license expired a year ago. I’ve fixed that by manually adjusting the expiration date.

Thank you! I see what happened now. I had purchased a new license for the same computer at two different times. Today I was trying to activate one of the two on a second computer in my house that was on a trial license. Renewal was put through on the older expired license I was transferring to my other computer.

All good now, up and running on both machines. Thanks for the quick response.