Report to healthchecks switch

I ran my first backup last night via the GUI and it completed successfully. But I could not find a report in my [new] healthchecks account. I DO have the “Send report on failure” box checked. So my question is 'If you check the above mentioned box does Duplicacy ONLY send a report if the backup fails?" If yes, then OK. If no, then I will spend more time trying to figure out why I received no report.

Yes. The wording there could be improved.

With health checks you want to turn that checkbox off. “Duplicacy killed and could not even attempt a backup” is a failure that you want to know about, so you want to be notified when “expected success did not occur”, as opposed ”known failures occurred”.

Thank you SASPUS. One more question: My LOG file is showing “Backup report has been posted to; response status: 403 Forbidden.” As previously mentioned - I am running the GUI [Windows 10] - and the only page I can see/find that mentions is the BACKUP page where it has that checkbox.

It occurred to me that at no point did I [or was I able to] enter my check URL into Duplicacy - maybe that is the issue?

Any insight appreciated. Thanks again!

OK - I just tried again and this time I received a pop-up window that asked for the URL. Hopefully problem solved.