Restore doesn't display empty directories (Web UI)

I have a filter that excludes files but includes directories, which I assumed wasn’t working because the directories aren’t listed in the Restore interface.

But when I restored the whole Revision folder the directories were recreated properly, so they’re present in the backup (the filter works properly) it’s just that the Web interface doesn’t show them.

(I’m running the latest version, Duplicacy Web Edition 1.6.2)


The web GUI uses the list -files command to list the content of a revision, which unfortunately doesn’t show any directories.

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It seems that the purpose and spirit of the list files command is to get the list of “stuff” that’s included in the specific revision, not specifically files as such. Would not it be an easy fix to maybe add another list -items command, (leaving “-files” intact for backwards compatibility) that would dump everything: folders (ending with /), files (not ending with /), special things (symlinks? Reparse points? that could be supported in the future) etc.

This topic popped up several times already — meaning something probably should be done to address the issue multiple people face it.

Is the fix planned?

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