Restore doesn't restore with no useful message

duplicacy -v restore -r 108 etc/apt/sources.list
Repository set to /
Storage set to gcd://Duplicacy/AStorage
Using 16384 iterations for key derivation
Loaded 6 include/exclude pattern(s)
Pattern: -proc/*
Pattern: -run/*
Pattern: -dev/*
Pattern: -sys/*
Pattern: -tmp/*
Pattern: -var/lib/docker/*
Restoring / to revision 108
Restored / to revision 108
Total running time: 00:00:24

The file is not restored, it might be related to the fact that the file exists on the target and I should use overwrite flag, but I’d expect some message about that (I saw somewhere in the forum something like “/etc/apt/sources.list already exists”)

How does it work exactly? Should I always use overwrite flag for restoring older versions of existing files?