Restore fails because file cannot be created

On my new synology device I got the following error while restoring:
Failed to create the file <filename with 222 characters> for in-place writing
The persist command does not help out and I am also not able to include the filename and path in the filters file as exclusion.
Hope you have some help for me.
./duplicacy restore -r 687 -threads 5 -overwrite -stats – “path/to/folder”
pretends that the restore is finished. At least 1TB is still missing.

edit: found out that the limitation comes from synology and encrypted folders. The path and filename cannot be longer then 143 characters.
Nevertheless I need an option to continue my restore :slight_smile:
How are blanks in folder paths handled in the filters file?

ok found the issue:
I forgot to put a “-” after the “–” in the command line.
How can I add several exclusions?

Yes, you can have multiple exclude patterns:

duplicacy restore -r revision -- -file1 -file2 -file3

I have a very similar issue:

Failed to create the file /media/dir1/dir2/Temp/~$׳•׳₪׳¡ ׳¨׳׳¢׳™...more-jibberish.doc for in-place writing

The restore stopped after 40% done.
How do I continue the restore (and avoid similar collapses)?