Restore failure: "Invalid options were passed to the restore command"

I want to make a restore for testing purposes. Because I found something surprising the other day: Backup is not worth anything if restore is not possible.

I have backed up my stuff with latest webgui to Google Drive. Latest backup is a day ago. Now I am using webgui for restore. I pick storage and backup ID, then the revision from yesterday, restore to c:/temp (Windows here). Pick a folder for restore, click “Restore”…

“Invalid options were passed to the restore command”.

Then I click “View log” and it calls - which is an empty page.

I know from experience that backup software sucks when it comes to restore (e.g., Duplicati, take some months of time for bigger restore), but was hoping in case of Duplicacy that would not be the case. I have already seen it working.

I am seriously pissed off, because in backup software there may be problems at times. And “at times”, from experience, translates to “most likely now”. Most likely start finding errors and writing to fora.
I am pissed off, but trust me I will let you know if it was my fault.

Do you have any unusual characters in the backup ID?

Edit: Also, have a look at the .duplicacy-web\logs\duplicacy_web.log to see if it says what command was run for the restore.

Are you running the 1.0.2 build from the other thread? That build has a regression bug the causes restore to fail with that error.

For now the official release 1.0.0 is recommended for restoring files.