Restore On Another Computer

Computer A
I backed up from D:\backupme folder to E:\backupdata folder. E: is a USB HDD.

I moved the USB HDD to another computer (Computer B) to test the restore.

Computer B
USB HDD mounted as F:. I wanted to restore from F:\backupdata to C:\backupme.
Dulicacy installation on Computer B did not allow me to select F:\backupdata as Storage until I selected some folder for Repository. I created an empty C:\backupme folder and selected it as Repository. Restore menu, List snapshost - nothing happened. Snapshosts were not listed. Snapshost are clearly visible in F:\backupdata\snapshosts\computer_name folder.

End result - restoring to another computer didn’t happen.
I moved back to Computer A. Everything is OK - snapshosts and files were listed and restore were possible.

Please help me understand if restore to another computer is possible.

Each repository has a unique repository id, and the GUI version automatically generates the repository id from the host name, the user name, and the directory name of the repository. Therefore, when you run Duplicacy on a different computer, it will use a new repository id and can’t see the snapshots created with the old repository id.

There are two ways to work around this issue. First, you can edit the .duplicacy/preference file under the repository and change the repository id (make sure you exit the program first). After editing restart Duplicacy and you will be able to see the snapshots created on the other computer. However, keep in mind that this is potentially dangerous – if you accidentally click on the start backup button it can damage backups on the other computer.

The other way which is safer and thus recommended is to run the CLI version of Duplicacy. You can find it under the directory where Duplicacy is installed (normally c:\Program Files\Duplicacy). You can run the list command to find all repository ids and when you restore you can specify the repository id to be restored. A user manual for the CLI version can be found here.

Thank you for your answer.