Restore on local USB drives slow

When restoring from the Web interface I’ve noticed generally slow speeds when restoring from USB connected drives on MacOS.

Drives are SATA and NVME but I can’t see more than 15MB/s. I’ve tried increasing the number of threads but I’m wondering if there is any reason behind seeing such slow restore speeds on my system or if it as a general limitation.

Any tips?

HDD seek latency.

For better performance don’t use more than one thread, but even then, since chunks are relatively small files seek latency will absolutely murder performance.

You can verify by attempting to copy chunks directory elsewhere — you’ll get the same abysmal read performance.

If you want fast restores — use SSD.

Thanks so much. Here’s the result of the benchmark on my USB SATA Drive:

Generating 256.00M byte random data in memory
Writing random data to local disk
Wrote 256.00M bytes in 0.12s: 2203.27M/s
Reading the random data from local disk
Read 256.00M bytes in 0.16s: 1577.95M/s
Split 256.00M bytes into 57 chunks without compression/encryption in 2.10s: 121.94M/s
Split 256.00M bytes into 57 chunks with compression but without encryption in 2.40s: 106.88M/s
Split 256.00M bytes into 57 chunks with compression and encryption in 2.40s: 106.47M/s
Generating 64 chunks
Uploaded 256.00M bytes in 14.26s: 17.95M/s
Downloaded 256.00M bytes in 10.97s: 23.33M/s
Deleted 64 temporary files from the storage

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