Restore operation failing to set the modification time: chtimes <file name>: operation not permitted

I am trying to restore from a given revision # of a snapshot and am running into failure saying

Failed to set the modification time: chtimes /mnt/e/MyBackup-Restore/Media/.nomedia: operation not permitted

Some details

  • .nomedia source file where failure is happening has size = 0
  • The data is on an external HDD used from a Windows machine
  • Backup was taken from a Linux machine connected with the external HDD
  • I am trying to restore from a Linux machine onto a different external HDD

Any suggestions?

Other than creating exclusion filters - is there any other way to handle this failure? I would prefer to have the backup and restore just work by replicating data as is.


Run the restore with sudo should resolve this issue.

Thank you - that indeed fixed it.

Wondering why Linux is needing sudo just because the file is 0-sized.

I think that is probably because that file was created by a different user account and your current user account does not have the writable permission. This can happen to files of any size.

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