Restore Revision Date incorrect and backup appears to be incomplete

I am quite frustrated with what appears to be my inability to easily use this software.

I initially made some test runs before deleting the Storage location from the WebUI as well as the Backup from the WebUI. Then to cleanup and start fresh, I navigated to the storage folder on my server and deleted the chunks folder, snapshots folder, and config file. Following this, I set back up again the storage and backup locations within the WebUI which rebuilt the folders/files. After completing a backup, it shows success, but when I go to restore, I see only a single revision but the date is more than a week ago.

Also I have so many more folders that I included in my backup than what appears in the restore. The log shows the files were backed up but they don’t all exist in the restore. What am I doing wrong here?

Edit: It would seem that this can be corrected by deleting the cache folder from all subfolders located within the path C:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost. However, is there any advice for the best way to cleanup after deleting a backup and storage repository?

I’m not sure why you only still saw the old revision after you clean the storage (especially after the snapshots folder was deleted). Regardless of what is in the local cache, Duplicacy always lists the snapshots folder in the storage first, so it should see all the latest revisions even without cleaning the local cache.

What type of storage are you using? Is it possible that there was a cache of the storage somewhere that caused Duplicacy to see a stale copy of the snapshot folder?

Backup location is OneDrive.