Restore stops due to a "gibberish" file - how to circumvent

I have to restore a large repository, from a storage. I am running the Duplicacy Ubuntu CLI version 3.0.1.
After several hours, and about one-third of the job done, the restore stops with this error:

Failed to create the file /media/dir1/My documents/dir2/Temp/~$׳…gibberish… ׳“׳™׳” ׳ ׳•׳¡׳₪׳×.doc for in-place writing

I don’t need the files in directory /media/dir1/My documents/dir2/Temp.
I tried to exclude the directory using a filters file, but the exclusion does not work.

How to continue the restore overcoming the error?

Here is the entire session:

user-1@PC-main:/media/user-1/disk-1/dir1$ sudo duplicacy restore -r 3 -overwrite -threads 10 -stats | awk ‘{ ++i ; if (i != 40) { if ( !(/Skipped|Downloaded|Packed|Packing/) ) { print} } else { i=0; print } }’

Repository set to /media/user-1/disk-1/dir1
Storage set to /media/user-1/disk-1/PC-1/PC-1-disk.bkp
Loaded 0 include/exclude pattern(s)
Indexing /media/user-1/disk-1/dir1
Parsing filter file /home/user-1/.duplicacy/filters/PC-1/f-PC1-SATA-restore
Loaded 1 include/exclude pattern(s)
snapshot Snapshot-A at revision 3 is encoded in an old version format
Restoring /media/user-1/disk-1/dir1 to revision 3
Downloaded chunk 30 size 9577811, 11.61MB/s 04:00:32 0.1%
Downloaded chunk 72 size 4612421, 14.15MB/s 03:17:06 0.3%
… …
… …
Downloaded chunk 38757 size 6045082, 7.23MB/s 06:22:44 37.4%
Failed to create the file /media/dir1/My documents/dir2/Temp/~$׳…gibberish… ׳“׳™׳” ׳ ׳•׳¡׳₪׳×.doc for in-place writing

The “filters” file contains a single line:

-/media/user-1/disk-1/dir1/My\ Documents/dir2/Temp/

I changed the filter to:

-/media/user-1/disk-1/dir1/My Documents/dir2/Temp/

It didn’t help

I believe the filter file is only for the backup command and you’ll have to put your exclusion in the restore command. e.g.:

duplicacy restore -r 3 -overwrite -threads 10 -stats -- -"/media/user-1/disk-1/dir1/My Documents/dir2/Temp/"

You may have to mess around with escaping the pathname differently, if it has spaces like above. Not sure.

There was an issue where the GUI would convert spaces regardless, and using ? or * fixed that, but dunno if that’s an issue with the CLI. I think the -- in there is supposed to prevent the shell from parsing further(?).

I succeeded in overcoming this problem, by in-line adding a regex expression:

-- e:.*Documents/dir2/Temp/.*$

to the “restore” command.

But, in my opinion, Gchen should incorporate the following improvements:
\1. If it is the case that “restore” ignores filter files, then Duplicacy should not say (for example):

Parsing filter file /home/user-1/.duplicacy/filters/PC-1/f-PC1-SATA-restore
Loaded n include/exclude pattern(s)

but instead the application should raise a warning or an error, like:

in restore, add the exclusions in-line to the command

\2. When restoring to a location different from original repository, it’s not clear how to exactly express the path to the excluded files or directories.