Restore without setting ownership

I’m trying to do a restore to a different computer and a different user’s account than the backup. When I try to do the restore, I get an error:

Failed to change uid or gid: chown /path/to/directory/default.html: permission denied

(/path/to/directory is the real path to the directory)

Is there anyway to do a restore and not restore ownership? I would still like the ownership and permissions saved, but the option to not restore them would be nice.


This sounds like a very useful option. I’ll implement it in the next version.

Same situation (restoring to a different computer and different user account) and getting: ERROR Failed to change uid or gid: chown /Users/user/test.jpg: operation not permitted

How do I restore files regardless of the permissions of the user account they were backed up from?

(macOS 10.12.6 Sierra)

Has this been implemented?

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This was implemented by allow skip setting uid/gid on restored files by lowne · Pull Request #254 · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub and has been merged.