Restoring empty files

Hi all,

I have WebUI Version 1.7.2 installed on my NAS and it is backing up a parent directory with many directories under it.

Two of those directories, under the parent, contain directories with only empty files. The filenames of those empty files mean something to the application that is reading them.

I am not seeing those directories containing the empty files in the WebUI Restore window.

How can I restore those empty files via the WebUI without restoring the whole parent directory?


Thanks for your reply.

So until the bug is fixed I suppose the only option is to restore the whole parent directory to a different location and then copy the needed empty directories/files to the required location.

Yes, or use cli, but then it will defeats the point of having a GUI…

Because of that bug the web GUI doesn’t ‘see’ empty files when listing files in a revision, therefore if a subdirectory consists of only empty files then it won’t ‘see’ this subdirectory. A workaround is to create a non-empty dummy file with arbitrary content, then the subdirectory should appear in the directory list, and you can select this subdirectory to restore.

I’ll fix this in the next release (1.8.2).

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Thank you for your reply and fixing the issue in the next release.

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