Revision not listing files

I’ve been using Duplicacy for 2 weeks now and I make daily backups to my NAS and to B2. Right now, I’ve got 13 revisions for my Pictures backup. But on revision 7 up to the latest one (Revision 13), there’s no list of files when I click the revision name. On Revision 6 and below, I can list the folders and files just fine. Any ideas? Thank you.

I’m using the GUI Web Edition as well.

Check the log file ~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log which should show the list of files from each revision.

I think I got it figured it. Checking the logs, it stopped working because it lost connection to the network share I’m trying to back up. Although, the dashboard looks all good. Is there a way to have the program flag me if it can’t reach or ping the source or destination?


I believe that is because a network share without a network connection would simply return an empty directory instead of any error. So the only way to catch this is to error out if the number of files to be backed up is 0. Is this a good idea?

I don’t think so, IMHO.

Sorry I’m new to this. How do you mean to error out? Can you point me to a guide on how to set this one up?