Rookie question but how do you back up to another computer in your home network? SFTP?

I have a couple Windows machines. My planned backup destination is another computer currently running Linux Ubuntu. What’s the best course of action here? Run an SFTP server on the Linux machine?

Edit, I have been able to ssh into the host computer and just realized I can already sftp in. However, when I enter my credentials on Duplicacy I get a permission denied message. I assume I have to give permission to the ssh username I’m using for Duplicacy somehow?

It’s one license per client side machine, or does the receiving server need a license too?

Sorry about the total newbie questions. This has been an exciting piece of software to read about, I’m just trying to internalize it all. Thanks!

Yes, SFTP is recommended for backing up to a Linux machine. Please make sure that the user that you use to log into the Linux machine has the permission to write to the destination directory.

Yes, it is one license per client side machine for the GUI version. The server doesn’t need a license since no Duplicacy code is running on the server.