Run task/script prior to backup

I want to use Duplicacy to backup a sql dump and some files.
Some backup agents have the ability to execute a task/script prior to backup.

I know that I could first run the sql dump script using windows task planner, but this is not ideal since I would need to schedule task planner and make sure that there is enough time to finish the dump before duplicacy runs.

I don’t think this feature is currently implemented but it would be nice to have.

It is supported. Please have a look at Pre Command and Post Command Scripts to setup pre- and post- scripts that are run before and after command, configurable per-command, including backup.

In other words, place your executable script file to .duplicacy/scripts/pre-backup (or with extension .bat if on windows) and it will execute before backup.

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Oke great,

But where should this .duplicacy folder be located on windows?

Nevermind, found my answer here:

Note that my duplicacy-utils are unrelated to the duplicacy application. They are just a bunch of scripts that i use for automating duplicacy on my computers.