Running as windows service - No logs? VSS?

I’m running 2.1.2 as a service. I can see it running from service manager.

Where are the logs? The initial annoucement says it’s in c:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web - There’s no directory like that.

Also, will the service use VSS?

The old GUI has been deprecated. Please download and install the web GUI from the download page.

OK, I’ve switch to the web edition. How do I ensure VSS is being used?

Also, now with the web edition (running as a service), backups just don’t work. I get errors like:

2020-06-25 09:41:11.251 WARN LIST_FAILURE Failed to list subdirectory: open \?\C:\Documents and Settings: Access is denied.


2020-06-25 09:41:53.686 WARN OPEN_FAILURE Failed to open file for reading: open \?\C:\Users\terry\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 1\Current Session: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

So, clearly, you’re not using shadow copy. This version looks like a major step backwards from the native GUI version, as I can’t do backups at all now.

Go to your backup tab and click the little - under the options column for the repository you want to adjust. Then put -vss as the command options.

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Thank you! Backup is successful now.