Running job NOT showing as running

I’ve searched the forum and found a post of an opposite problem. In my case, the job (with various prune, backup, check tasks) is running and yet it only shows the status from the most recent task, no progress bar on the running task, and the job action shows the PLAY icon. I initially thought the job wasn’t running so I clicked again and in the end the executions were happening concurrently. If I ignore the visual indicators, then the job will eventually complete and I get the configured email.

Refreshing the browser page does not resolve the issue, including Ctrl+F5. Moving to another category and then back does not resolve the issue. Opening the page on another browser does not resolve the problem. The only way to fix this is to restart the Windows service.

Is this a bug? TIA.

Can confirm, I’ve seen this happening. In my case, it was usually when you stop a job from the GUI, then restart it, and sometimes you can’t see status of the new run in the GUI. The only way to avoid duplication was to kill all :d: processes manually, then restart the job.

Was the web page responsive when this happened? That is, if you open localhost:3875 on a new tab, does the page show up correctly?

Yes, everything behaves as expected, no lag whatsoever. I opened the site with a different browser and it’s still not showing the progress (as stated in the original post) so it’s not a browser or cache issue.

One thing would like to correct from my original post is that when such a run finished, it would NOT send out the configured email. It happened again last night and I didn’t interfere with the run and confirm that indeed I did NOT get an email.

You can print the stack trace to the log file (~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy_web.log) by opening this url in the browser:


And this is url is to show the schedule status: