Running jobs concurrently on GUI


Can jobs run concurrently on the GUI?

If I schedule jobs on the GUI such that one is not finished when a new job is scheduled to start, does it then run the jobs concurrently?

Or, does it wait for the first scheduled job to finish before starting the next scheduled job even if that puts the start time on the second schedule job later than submitted into the settings.



Are you referring to the web GUI or the native GUI?


Native GUI… not the Web GUI.


No idea (:-?) but i will mention that the new web gui will rule soon ™ (in programmer time).


The native GUI runs all jobs, scheduled or on demand, one at a time. The web GUI runs schedules concurrently, and with each schedule you can run jobs concurrently or in sequence.


Thanks for the answer on this. I will also look to see if there is a way to mark this as a completed topic.