Running on a low spec linux server


I’m repurposing an ex-NAS, it has 2gb ddlr3 ram, 2ghz quad core, running debian 10 on a SSD.
I plan to use the CLI.

Daily backup of 2 x 10gb folders to backblaze (small changes). And around 5 folders (50 - 100gb) small changes, once a week to backblaze. I’ll be using encryption.
There won’t by much else running at the same time, as will schedule backup it nightly.

Should I have any concerns about Duplicacy being able to run with this kind of spec? Is it worth increasing the ram to 4gb?


The memory usage of Duplicacy is highly propositional to the number of files, not the total size. Unless you have all small files, 50-10GB should not be too much for Duplicacy to handle with 2GB ram. Having said that, the best way to find out is to back up to a local storage first just for testing.

I run duplicacy to backup 98 GB directory (contains many sub dirs) via sftp with 2 threads and rate limited to 1100 KiloBytes per second and I have yet to experience where it takes more residual memory than 2GB.