Saved from my own stupidity

While playing about with setting up a new storage with erasure coding enabled on my NAS (SFTP storage) I decided to start again but removed the incorrect volume, deleting my production backups…

This amounted to about 350GB of backups (after deduplication and compression) from 6 seperate clients (local devices and a few family PCs/laptops from around the country)…all in all over 2000 revisions from the last 3-4 years were gone.

Luckily, due to Duplicacy making it so easy to copy backups offsite, I was able to quickly and easily get all those revisions back locally from cloud storage before nightly backups ran…so my “customers” had no idea there had been a catastrophic “admin fail” event.

Silver lining of all this is that my recreated SFTP storage now has erasure coding enabled…but for future reference this is not the process I would recommend :sweat_smile: