Schedule Copy Command & RSA Private key Password stored in plaintext

I understand that I can to set up a scheduled copy in the Web UI version from Storage A to Storage B.

If Storage A is encrypted by a RSA Public key, I need to specify the private key location using -key and encryption password using -key-passphrase so that Storage A can be decrypted and copied to Storage B.

“The -key and -key-passphrase options are needed if the source storage is encrypted by an RSA key.”

However, this then stores the encryption password in plaintext in the duplicacy.json file. Now I understand credentials are stored in an encrypted form somewhere, so is there a way that the -key-passphrase value can somehow be stored in an ecnrypted form also and not in plaintext?

You can run the CLI manually, which will ask you for the passphrase and then save it in the keyring/keychain.

To do that, just run the following commands in a terminal:

cd ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all
~/.duplicacy-web/bin/duplicacy_osx_x64_2.7.2 copy -from source -to destination

After that, the web GUI should be able to retrieve the passphrase from keyring/keychain.

Great thank you, do you know how to do this with the saspus docker container?

It may be possible to set up keyring for a docket container but I think the process can be too complicated.

A workaround may be to set up Storage B as bit-identical to Storage A and then you can use rsync/rclone to copy from A to B.

In the future I’ll make the copy command to not decrypt chunks from the source storage if both storages are bit-identical. This will get rid of the need for the RSA private key.

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I think keyring is already set up in saspus duplicacy docker? I could be wrong.

I just not sure how to run the mentioned command if its in a docker :slight_smile: