Schedule missed: where is the option to run it on next boot

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying out Duplicacy and I like it so far. Bit harder too understand than Arq but I am getting there. One essential feature I am looking for does not seem to work for me.

Please see:

I read that it may possible to configure it using the Windows registry but I cannot seem to find how exactly. Basically, I would like to have missed backup jobs run asap. A delay after start up would be icing on the cake. Also nice would be the ability to configure some kind of threshold: if more than x (insert any number) backup jobs have been missed, do a backup at the earliest possible moment.

If a schedule is missed before the computer was put to sleep then the schedule will be run (with a short delay) on wake up. But if the computer was powered off then the schedule won’t run on restart. That is before the next scheduled time isn’t persistent and will be lost once the program exits.

Hi, thanks for you reply. Is it in the cards to check whether a schedule has been missed and optionally run the missed task on next reboot?

i’m interested to know this too

I’ll add my voice for something that tackles this issue.

I was thinking along the lines of logging the time a schedule successfully runs. When a system boots, if the most recent log is older than the most recent schedule time then trigger a run.

This approach would pick up from the most recent missed event, but skip all the older ones. I don’t see the point in attempting to catch up.

This feature seems essential to me for a backup tool. In fact I had expected it to already do this until I found out it doesn’t.

Especially for PCs of family members that don’t get turned on that often it’s essential to have something like this. Otherwise they could go weeks without a backup succeeding if the PC is never turned on during the schedule time. Which can be hard to choose, because they might turn on their PCs at irregular times, i.e. when they need to do something.

It would be great if this feature could be included. Is there any official way to put in a feature request?