Scheduled Jobs Only Work While Logged In

Was running the Web GUI beta on Windows 2012R2. Uninstalled it a couple of weeks ago and reinstalled the 1.0.0 version of the Web GUI a few days ago.

It doesn’t appear to fire off my scheduled job unless I’m actively logged in.

If I’m actively logged in, they will fire off on time (daily at 1:00am) or if I run them manually (of course). They all finish successfully…if I can get them to trigger.

I have a separate check schedule and job that are set to run every hour…it also will not run unless I’m logged in.

Suggestions on where to start? Does Duplicacy Web Edition leverage Scheduled Tasks for it’s scheduling?

This is a licensed copy.

As far as i remember, there’s no scheduled task or windows service available in V 1.0, so i don’t think you can have the schedules trigger unless you are logged in (and :d: running)