Schedules not running: "Skipping schedule as no encryption password has been provided"

I tried to search for this but couldn’t find any hits for this error message. I’m noticing that my scheduled jobs are frequently not running and there are error messages in the log that read like this:

2020/02/17 08:30:02 Schedule Check_Storage next run time: 2020-0217 08:45
2020/02/17 08:30:01 Please open the web browser at to enter the encryption password
2020/02/17 08:30:01 Skipping schedule Check_Storage at time 2020-0217 08:30 as no encryption password has been provided

If I open the GUI (I’m running web edition in a docker container) and enter my encryption password the jobs will start running again - for a while, until they eventually get stuck again.

I fully expect to have to enter my password for tasks like accessing the web UI, running a restore, etc. But I shouldn’t have to constantly open the UI and enter my passphrase just for the program to run its regularly scheduled tasks. It should be able to accomplish those things in the background without requiring constant user input (that is pretty much the point of a scheduler, right?).

Any chance I’m missing a setup step or have something misconfigured?

I think this is your solution:

Thanks! I won’t know for sure about my backup jobs until later (as they all run overnight), but my storage check schedule started running right after the reboot I applied the DWE_PASSWORD variable to the container with - no encryption password required. So, this appears to be working

I was experiencing the same issue and am now testing the suggested fix.

Is there any thought to using the keychain or some other method of securely caching the password? Setting it as an environment variable raises some red flags, no?

This will only happen on Linux if you don’t have keyring set up. On macOS and Windows the master password should be stored securely by default (KeyChain for macOS, and CryptProtectData for Windows).

I don’t know if there is a good solution other than using an environment variable if keyring isn’t available.

Is there any keychain for headless linux servers?

There is gnome-keyring which may be installed by default depending on the linux distribution.

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Hmm, I just checked and I have gnome-keyring installed, but for some reason it is not used by Duplicacy. If anyone has an idea to fix this, please let me know.

Check the log file ~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log to see if there is a message saying Failed to get the value from the keyring:....

Usually you need to set up the environment variable DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS in order to connect to keyring.