Scheduling Offsite Copy in Windows with PowerShell Scripts

Hi all -

I’m using the PowerShell scripts from @TheBestPessimist posted here (thank you by the way!): GitHub - TheBestPessimist/duplicacy-utils: Utilities for Windows for Duplicacy

I’m trying to find where in the scripts the actual backup command is stored so that I can modify the script to perform an offsite copy to B2 in addition to the local run. I’ve got all the variables updated at this point for the basics, but can’t quite work out how to ensure it runs the offsite copy as well as a local copy command.

I’m trying to modify the command to execute something like this:

duplicacy copy -id -to b2 -threads -upload-limit-rate

I feel like I’m missing something obvious, so a pointer would be appreciated please.

Thank you!

For anyone trying to do something similar in the future, I made a bit of progress studying the files in Pessimist’s scripts. The key is to edit this line in backup.ps1:

The file isn’t really setup to allow for a backup copy command, but you can hard code some changes into this line to get it to do a copy command instead of an initial backup. Good enough for now! Thanks.

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You can raise an issue on my github, and i’ll add this feature :+1:

The file which contains all the configs is added here:

Hehe, you’re welcome :).

Thanks @TheBestPessimist. I’ve raised issues for the two modifications I’ve made to your script as I think they’d both be helpful to others. Regrettably, the way I’ve modified it is far less elegant than your scripting or I’d just share what I’d done back via GitHub. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer to build these features in!

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