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Could someone help me to resolve an issue?

I’m testing duplicacy with this script: duplicacy-utils/backup.ps1 at master · TheBestPessimist/duplicacy-utils · GitHub

It works as it should. However when running the prune command, it creates a file in the directory of the log and appends the results of the execution of the command to the backup command log.

In detail:
.duplicacy/logs contains the folder “2018-05-08 Tuesday” with the file “backup-log 2018-05-08 22-41-37_636614160976437318.log”.
It displays the log about “Now executting duplicacy.exe -log backup -stats -threads 10 -vss” and “Now executting duplicacy.exe -log prune -keep 0:90”

.duplicacy/logs contains besides the above folder also the file “prune-log-20180508-224141” which is empty. This is “normal” because the content is added to the file “backup-log 2018-05-08 22-41-37_636614160976437318.log”.

I’m not sure if an empty prune log is normal. The prune log file is generated by Duplicacy internally and can’t be redirected

You can submit a github issue on

Thank you.
It seems that the “problem” is linked to duplicacy: