Seems to Get Stuck on xlsx.gsheet



I use Duplicacy on Windows 10, and backup my files to a Dropbox folder. Among other things, I have a file stored on my local drive that is a shared Google Sheets spreadsheet, ending in xlsx.gsheet. For some reason, my backup get stuck on this file regularly. The file appears to be 1k in size, but my current backup task has been working on it for the last 5 hours. The log says this:

08:17:17.279 Packed Google Drive/Wireless/Ridge Tracker.xlsx.gsheet (251)

This is an active file that multiple people use. But I have configured Duplicacy to use the Volume Shadow Copy.

Can you tell me why my backup gets hung up on this file?


No, it wasn’t stuck on this file. The “Packed” message means this file has been completely read. It is the next file that caused the issue. If you turn on the verbose logging option under the log tab you can see the “Packing” messages which will tell you the file in trouble.


For what its worth: I find it counter intuitive that the message displayed in GUI is the the “packed” message rather than a message saying which file is currently being worked on, i.e. “Packing …”).


Agreed. The “Packing” messages are currently of the TRACE level and don’t show up by default. Maybe I should bring it up to INFO while downgrading “Packed” to TRACE.