Sending notifications on failures

I’ve been having a separate issue related to backups not working due to some issues with the encryption password in my docker container. I might make another thread about that since it’s causing headaches. But this raised one important issue with Duplicacy. I didn’t come to realize my backups were failing at all until a month after they stopped working. I do have Duplicacy to send email notifications on successful schedule completions, and a webhook to send on both failures/completions of the actual backup step. But there are failures that can occur prior to the backup even starting, or failures that can occur in other steps of the schedule (copy, prune, check, etc.). Duplicacy doesn’t have an option to send notifications on these types of failures. The absence of a notification on a successful run isn’t exactly an ideal way to catch problems. This can lead to issues similar to mine where the admin doesn’t realize there are issues occurring for multiple cycles, missing out on key backups.

You can use a monitoring service like to receive notifications when regular backups are not started for any reason.