Set a password in web version - and now I can’t log in



Can’t login to dashboard after password enable. Password is correct (if i try incorrect password - see notofication “The administration password is incorrect.”) - but nothing happens - I stay on the same login page.
Any idea about this ? How can i login to dashboard ?
Try in three broswers (chrome / firefox / IExplorer) - same situation. If i type wrong password - get the message “The administration password is incorrect.”. In correct password - stay on same login page.

any option to reset/delete password ?

Find this in log

2019/06/08 14:11:16 POST /verify_password
2019/06/08 14:11:16 GET /dashboard administration token not provided

If i try the incorrect password - the log is different (i change the tokens in post)

2019/06/08 14:09:48 POST /verify_password
2019/06/08 14:09:48 Incorrect admin password: derived token is 32f9f4xxxxxxxxxx, admin token is 9a896axxxxxxxxx

comes out with the wrong password, the token is visible and invalid - but when password is correct token not found ?


It’s working after computer restart :wink:
Problem solved