Setting up a Duplicity server on a QNAP NAS device


I run and like the QNAP family of NAS devices

Basically, their model is customer binaries ‘live’ down /opt/bin , and the standard Unix file system (etc, and so forth live at /opt/etc and so forth. This is very similar to the DD-WRT model

The durable (raid-5 protected) store is down: /share/MD0_DATA
and I anticipate setting up a path: /share/MD0_DATA/duplicity for the
default backup store location

I assume I can compile the git CO with a PREFIX of /opt, and all will go well, but do not wish to re-invent a already solved matter. Also, over time as new updates are issued in the git, I would wnat to preserve configuration files, rather than over-writing them, so having a config-example file installed at the proper directories, and then one would ‘cp’ them and edit to taste. -example files would get updated of course

Is there a guide to such setup.

I have a commercial CLI license, recently purchased, but curiously it did not permit entry of a private ticket. As this is a matter of general interest, I have no problem with this ticket being publicly visible

Thank you

– Russ herrold
herrold at owlriver com

You can download the Duplicacy binary to a folder under /share/MD0_DATA and then refer to the full path of the binary when running Duplicacy commands, like:

/share/MD0_DATA/duplicacy/duplicacy_linux_x64_2.1.0 backup -stats

CLI license holders should be able to create private tickets. That was a bug and I have fixed it.