Setting up an automatic prune via GUI

I just started evaluating Duplicacy, and I was looking for a way to setup a prune on my backups. I se it exists on the CLI, but not on the GUI (I’m running on Linux). I’d like to run a backup each day, and a prune each day to that I only keep N revisions. How can I do that?


Just like you would create backup schedule:

  • Create a new schedule.
  • Add Prune operation to it.

Thanks, It’s certainly not obvious on how to do that, but I found it.

I agree… the «+» icon placement and discoverability can be improved…

Related: Send email upon completion. I have a local mail relay at, but I can’t seem to find the correct entry in the server dialog (no TLS, just port 25) shall work in the server name field; however I have never tried using the relay without authentication: so if that use case is broken – submit bug report.